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PearlsOnly Black Pearl Pendants

Black Pearl Pendants

Today you don’t need to have a big budget if you would love to own any one of our beautiful Black Pearl Pendants. Pearls Only has a superb range of beautiful Black Pearl Pendants for you to choose from that will not only suit your style and taste but also your budget.
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Black Pearl

Freshwater Pendants

Here you can take a look at our stunning collection of beautiful Freshwater Black Pearl Pendants.

Black Pearl

Japanese Akoya Pendants

Our collection of Japanese Akoya Black Pearl Pendants will add something different to your look no matter what you choose to wear them with.

Black Pearl

Tahitian Pendants

Why not complete your look with one of our captivating Tahitian Black Pearl Pendants.

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Black Pearl Pendants Buying Tips

 All black pearl pendants combine the opulence of pearls with the simplicity of a chain. This results in a versatile piece of jewellery that can be worn every day and will flatter all kinds of outfits, helping to give them a more refined look.

If you aren’t able to decide on what style of black pearl pendant to buy then our guide below should help in your quest to find the right one for you.

  1. Metal

 The kind of metal used for the chain and mounting can have an important effect on how the whole pendant looks. There are many types of metal now used in the creation of the beautiful black pearl pendants here.

White Bronze

Black pearl pendants that are made using white bronze metal are among the most affordable you can buy today. They are the perfect piece of jewellery to be worn on an everyday basis. This is the ideal gift for you to present to a teenager on her 16th birthday or graduation.

Sterling Silver

Looking for a budget-friendly piece of pearl jewellery, then our black pearl pendants with sterling silver chains are the perfect choice. Not only do such black pearl pendant necklaces look gorgeous they are also very hard wearing. Our youthful designs make them the excellent accessory for you to wear with more casual or semi-formal outfits.

Yellow Gold

Women who prefer to wear more elegant attire will find that one of our black Tahitian pearl pendants with a 14k yellow gold chain is the perfect accessory. The striking contrast between the warm metal and the luck black Tahitian pearl makes for a unique accessory. You can also pair this with some more matching pearl jewellery or other accessories that have gold tones to them.

White Gold

If you like to wear accessories that include more silver tones then choose one of our black pearl pendants with a white gold mounting and chain. Our black Akoya pearl pendants will stand the test of time and also suit all kinds of skin complexions. This style of pendant is much better suited to young pearl wearers who want a piece of jewellery that will suit more casual attire.

  1. Best Necklace For Your Neckline

It is important that when looking to invest in any of our black pearl pendants you take into consideration certain factors that will help you choose the right one for your neckline. The main factors that you need to take into consideration are as follows:


If you intend to wear your pendant during the day keep things simple. Wear one of our simple designs. However, if you intend to wear yours to a formal event then wear one of our more detailed designs such as our Black Japanese Akoya pearl pendant where the mounting is made up of bronze and silver.

Span Of Your Neck

You will find that long and short necks suit different types and spans of a necklace. If you want to create a long swan-like look to your neck you need to choose one of our V-shaped black pearl pendants. Choose one of our pendants where the pearl is placed into a mounting that hangs further down from the bottom of the chain.

However, for women who have longer necks, they should try to wear pendants that help to shorten the length of their neck. They should choose a black pearl pendant where the chain doesn’t measure any more than 17.5 inches in length. This will sit much closer to the bottom of their neck and so will make it look shorter. Also, they should look at choosing black pearl pendants where the chain threads through the pearl that has been added to the design.