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PearlsOnly Loose Pearls

Loose Pearls

PearlsOnly is able to offer you the widest selection of genuine Loose Pearls to choose from to create your perfect piece of jewellery with.
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Any of our delicate White Loose Pearls will really add a touch of class to any piece of jewllery.


Create something completely unique with our stunning Black Loose Pearls.


Our wonderful Golden Loose Pearls will provide any item of jewllery with an added touch of elegance.


These delicate Pink Loose Pearls will allow you to create a totally unique piece of jewllery for your daughter or granddaughter.


Any one of our beautiful Lavender Loose Pearls can be used to create truly unique pieces of jewllery.

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Loose Pearls Buying Tips

If you want to get an original gift for your significant other, but you are not sure what type of jewellery she prefers, then loose pearls are an excellent option. We have prepared a few buying tips to help you make the best choice.

  1. Size

Loose pearls provide the recipient with the possibility to choose the desired jewellery piece to integrate the gemstones into. The size of the pearl is extremely important because it determines the variety of jewellery pieces it can be used for.


This small to medium size pearl is perfectly suited for delicate jewellery which will accentuate a woman’s charm and sensibility.


This medium size pearl can be used to make a stunning ring, a delicate necklace or even a charming earring set. This is the most versatile size of pearls because it can easily be adapted to fit any jewellery piece.


This is yet another medium-size pearl, so it will also be a very inspired choice if you are looking to provide the recipient with as many options as possible.


This is a large pearl that the recipient can use to make statement jewellery. Whether she prefers a ring, a necklace or a set of statement earrings, a pearl this size can be easily adapted to fit her wishes.


This is yet another large size pearl that is ideal for statement jewellery. This is an excellent choice for a woman who enjoys standing out in any crowd.


This is the largest pearl size we offer on our website. The Tahitian loose pearls in this size category can be used to create stunning statement jewellery. We guarantee that the woman wearing it will never go unnoticed.

  1. Colour

When choosing the colour of the pearl, you will need to think about the personality of the recipient and the jewellery pieces she is likely to opt for.


A black pearl is an ideal choice for an elegant woman who enjoys taking part in social events and looking her best at all times. Black Japanese Akoya loose pearls are the perfect choice for formal jewellery pieces.


A white pearl is a classic choice and it is guaranteed to meet any woman’s expectations. This is by far the most versatile colour because it provides the recipient with the full range of choices regarding the style of the jewellery piece she will add the pearl too.


A Lavender pearl is the right choice of a sophisticated woman who always takes the time to make sure that her jewellery is properly matched to her clothes. This colour offers the recipient the possibility of opting for both casual and formal jewellery to add the pearl too.


A pink pearl will compliment a woman’s grace and fragility. Pink Freshwater loose pearls are perfectly suited for casual and formal jewellery alike.