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PearlsOnly Japanese Akoya Earrings

Japanese Akoya Earrings

The perfectly round shape of the pearls in our Japanese Akoya Earrings along with their amazing high luster make them a truly unique piece of jewellery. It also helps to make them among the finest of all pearls women can buy today.
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Japanese Akoya Pearl

White Earrings

Our amazing collection of White Japanese Akoya Earrings isn’t only versatile but also elegant.

Japanese Akoya Pearl

Black Earrings

Create a bold look by wearing a pair of our beautifully crafted and stunning Black Japanese Akoya Earrings.

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Japanese Akoya Earrings Buying Tips

Value Factors For Akoya Pearls


Japanese Akoya pearls are perfectly round because they are nucleated. The quality of their roundness increases their value considerably, thus making them more expensive than their less round market contenders, the Freshwater pearls.


The luster displayed by Japanese Akoya pearls is also superior to that of Freshwater pearls.

Surface Quality

Japanese Akoya pearls are natural gems and as such, they do present minute blemishes on their surface. However, their superior luster makes it extremely difficult to notice these imperfections.

An easy way to include pearls into your jewellery collection is to choose Japanese Akoya Pearl Earrings. These lush gemstones look sophisticated with any outfit and are timelessly elegant. Take these pointers into consideration to help you choose the perfect pair of earrings.

  1. Earring Type


All women should own a pair of white Japanese Akoya pearl stud earrings. Subtle, versatile, and very feminine, they go with all outfits and add a touch of refinement. Black pearl studs are more suited for evening events.


Women who gravitate towards elegant attire can easily polish off any look with a pair of fishhook Japanese Akoya pearl earrings. They are demure yet classy and don’t overwhelm the rest of the outfit.

  1. Metal

Sterling Silver

If you like cold toned jewellery opt for a pair of Japanese Akoya pearl earring set in Sterling Silver. This makes for a versatile item of jewellery that can be worn with daytime outfits for all occasions. Silver jewellery best suits complexions with warm undertones and doesn’t attract the attention from the beautiful pearl.

Yellow Gold

Women who prefer warm, golden jewellery can opt for Japanese Akoya earrings set in 14k yellow gold. The metal beautifully complements the stone, adding warmth to cool undertone complexions.

White Gold

14k white gold is the perfect choice for a luxurious piece of jewellery that is reserved for special occasions. Japanese Akoya pearls look striking when they are set in white gold, especially when the stone is black. The sophisticated colour makes the earrings suitable for formal events and business meetings.