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We pay your VAT. And there is NEVER any Customs tax. Return easily in UK.
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Making your returns easy and reliable:

  • We offer a 90 day; no questions asked, money back guarantee, to ensure that the items are perfect for you.
  • We refund 100% of your purchases price.
90 days money back guarantee

We follow your return - for a complete peace of mind:

  • Your return concierge will follow your return and be available for any questions or concerns during the return process.
  • You will be kept informed of each step of the refund process, letting you know receipt of your refund goods, and issuing of funds back to your card

Refund time:

  • In most cases, we can check and process your refund within seven days of receiving your item at our refund center.
  • For certain cases of high-value items, please allow us 14 days to process your refund and post it back to your account.
  • The time the funds are posted back to your credit card differ based on your credit card, and typically take 5-14 business days for your credit card company to process.
  • PayPal and Amazon refunds are instantaneous.

What to return:

  • Please return the item including certificates, silk pouches and bonus gift.
  • If you like to keep your bonus gift, we will adjust your refund by the selling price of the bonus gift.
  • To save the environment, please do not return the boxes and boxes or any other packing material.

Returns outside of 90 days

We are sorry, but items outside of 90 days return policy, are not eligible for a refund.