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PearlsOnly White Pearl Necklaces

White Pearl Necklaces

At Pearls Only we have the most diversified collection of White Pearl Necklaces that are still considered to be the most iconic and classic type of pearl jewellery women can wear. Such pieces of jewellery are always on trend and women of all ages will find that they can wear them.
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White Pearl

Freshwater Necklaces

Our Freshwater White Pearl Necklaces are made up of some of the most uniquely shaped pearls available.

White Pearl

Japanese Akoya Necklaces

Take a look at our stunning collection of beautiful Japanese Akoya White Pearl Necklaces with their mirror-like luster.

White Pearl

Hanadama Necklaces

Our beautiful Hanadama White Pearl Necklaces add a classy touch to even the most casual of attire.

White Pearl

South Sea Necklaces

The large pearls used in the creation of our South Sea White Pearl Necklaces will add that all-important touch of glamour to your outfit.

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White Pearl Necklaces Buying Tips

Is this your first time buying a white pearl necklace? Are you feeling a little bit overwhelmed because there are so many different styles to choose from? We are here to help with making the whole process of buying a white pearl necklace a lot simpler for you!

  1. Steps To Choosing The Right Pearl Necklace

Pearl Type

It is important to choose the best pearl style for yours or the recipient’s style and taste. Plus of course, choose the right white pearl necklace that fits into your budget. Above we’ve explained a little bit about each type of white pearls used in the creation of our necklaces. Hopefully, this will help you to decide which type is best for your or the person to who the white pearl necklace will be presented to.

Pearl Size

This is the next thing you need to decide on. If you are looking for a necklace that makes a statement then you need something that is bold. One of our white pearl necklaces that are made up of five rows of pearls would be ideal. But if you want to keep things simple then opt for one of the beautiful 16-inch chokers we have in our collection.

Pearl Necklace Length

This is the final thing you need to think about when it comes to choosing the right white pearl necklace. We offer a great range of necklaces to choose from in a variety of different lengths started with ones measuring 16-inches to those that measure 30-inches.

  1. Necklace Type

Single Strand

The classic white single strand necklace is one that most women would love to have as a staple in their jewellery box. Not only are such symbols of elegance but help to embellish a woman’s femininity. Such pieces can easily be worn with casual outfits as well as with more formal attire. It is the versatility of this type of white pearl necklace that makes them such as key accessory in any woman’s wardrobe.

Double Strand

Double strand white pearl necklaces are very chic and will add a unique touch of sophistication to any outfit you or the recipient wear. This is the kind of necklace that really makes any woman feel special.


Such white pearl necklaces tend to be made using baroque-shaped pearls, making them the perfect piece of bold jewellery for women to wear who love to make a statement. Such pieces will allow you to display your more adventurous side.

Multiple-strand white gold pearl necklaces can be worn with chic casual outfits as well as with more formal ones. A necklace such as this would stunning when teamed with an off the shoulder little black dress, similar to that worn by Princess Diana.

Nylon Filament

These are among the most delicate of all the white pearl necklaces we have available. They bear a special kind of grace and beauty that no other necklaces can seem to match. The nylon filament, which is transparent, helps to bring out the beauty of the white pearls even more.

Charm Necklace

These are some of the most stunning white pearl necklace designs now available. They include the use of some of the finest baroque-shaped pearls that have been produced today. They provide any woman when wearing them with an effortless grace that also will help to enrich the outfit they are worn with. Such pieces look stunning when worn with casual attire or with more elegant formal wear, such as a beautiful wedding dress or evening gown.