ways to tell if pearls are fake

Quick Ways To Tell If Pearls Are Real Or Fake

Of all the gemstones that women can own today, pearls are very much in favour.  As a result of these gemstones being so popular, there is a wide array of pearl jewelry now available.  But sometimes it can be difficult for us to be able to distinguish whether the pearls are real or fake.

But before we help you with learning about how to tell if pearls are real or fake it is important you know some background information about these beautiful gemstones.  The first thing to know is that pearls aren’t like any other gemstones as a living creature, in fact, creates these. read more

thanksgiving pearl gift idea

Pearl Necklace As Thanksgiving Gift This Year – Which One Do You Choose?

For some people, the giving of a gift doesn’t always come naturally.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner deciding what to buy your wife, mother or daughter at this time of year can prove challenging.  However, a pearl necklace as a Thanksgiving gift is an idea worth considering. When chosen well, such a gift can help to elevate any woman’s outfit no matter their age to something extra special.   However, the most difficult thing you are likely to be faced with is choosing the right pearl necklace for the woman or girl you have chosen to buy it for. read more

shoes and pearls

How To Accessorize Shoes And Bags With Pearls

For centuries now pearls have long been seen as being among the most refined of all gemstones that can be incorporated into pieces of jewelry.  Now, these gemstones are proving to be popular once again with women of all ages. Yet if you choose to wear designer pearls it is important to make sure that they complement the rest of your outfit, including your shoes and handbags.   Rather than looking stylish and glamorous the look you end up with could be somewhat clumsy looking.  So we hope the following advice will help to ensure that when it comes to wearing pearls they look great with any outfit you choose to wear them with. read more

halloween party

How To Plan A Proper Halloween Party This Year

Halloween is almost upon us, and what would be a better way to enjoy this holiday than with a party.  If you haven’t started planning yours yet then hopefully our tips of how to plan a proper Halloween this year should prove useful.

Organising the right kind of Halloween party will ensure that everyone who attends will have a great time, no matter their age.   Just remember this is a party where adults just like children can have some fun. read more

pearl necklace and cardigans

How To Wear Cardigans And Blazers With Pearl Necklaces


We’ve already begun to see a change in the weather.  The changing of the leaves on the trees and the sun lower in the sky tells us that autumn is now upon us.  We bet like so many other women you’ve been preparing for cooler weather.  Everywhere you go now shops have their autumn/winter collections in.  You’ve probably been thinking about getting out the clothes you would normally wear at this time of year?  Yet just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean you cannot wear your pearl necklaces anymore. read more

pearl headband

How to Incorporate Pearl Accessories Into Your Wardrobe

Many people, if not all, love fashion and would do almost anything to look great and exquisite without having to break the bank. Today we are going to tell you how to easily incorporate pearl accessories into your wardrobe. After reading our tips you will definitely want to try at least two or three of them! They do not require a lot of time, effort or a tone of money at all. So, since you love fashion, a walk in the wardrobe is all you will dream of.  It’s indeed true that many people desire to have an amazing and infinite wardrobe. Making your wardrobe fashionable and trendy is very challenging, but as a lady, you have to try. Don’t be left-back, trying is all about following the current trend and for sure, you will never be out of any available fashion. read more

What Are The Hottest Fall Fashion Trends 2019?

With summer now over, you will have noticed that shops are now beginning to stock their autumn/winter outfits. So what to wear this fall is the main question on our lips.  The various fashion shows that took place across the world again started to highlight what is likely to be popular over the coming winter months.   Curious to see what is likely to be the fall fashion trends in 2019?

evolution of pearls

The Evolution Of Pearls In Jewelry Fashion

.As we have seen over recent years pearl jewelry has made somewhat of a comeback. These days’ women love to wear pearl jewelry in a wide variety of different styles and design. But there really are a few things you may not know concerning the history of these beautiful gemstones and how they became highly sort after to include in jewelry.

Pearls are now considered the oldest gems are known to us, and we can trace their history back to well over 4,000 years ago. There are many religious and historical scripts available today that actually mention pearls in them. read more

pearl natural color

What Determines The Colour Of Pearl Jewelry

By now you’ve become aware that pearls come in a variety of different colours.  No longer are women restricting themselves to wearing pearl jewelry that comprises only beautiful white spheres in their design.  Let’s find out what exactly dictated the colour of your pearls!

tahitian pearl necklace

How To Accessorize Your Outfits With Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are among some of the most beautiful of all gemstones that a woman can own and wear.  But to be able to draw more attention to this kind of pearl jewelry it is important that you know the correct way to accessorize any outfit with them.