evolution of pearls

The Evolution Of Pearls In Jewelry Fashion

.As we have seen over recent years pearl jewelry has made somewhat of a comeback. These days’ women love to wear pearl jewelry in a wide variety of different styles and design. But there really are a few things you may not know concerning the history of these beautiful gemstones and how they became highly sort after to include in jewelry.

Pearls are now considered the oldest gems are known to us, and we can trace their history back to well over 4,000 years ago. There are many religious and historical scripts available today that actually mention pearls in them. read more

pearl natural color

What Determines The Colour Of Pearl Jewelry

By now you’ve become aware that pearls come in a variety of different colours.  No longer are women restricting themselves to wearing pearl jewelry that comprises only beautiful white spheres in their design.  Let’s find out what exactly dictated the colour of your pearls!

tahitian pearl necklace

How To Accessorize Your Outfits With Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are among some of the most beautiful of all gemstones that a woman can own and wear.  But to be able to draw more attention to this kind of pearl jewelry it is important that you know the correct way to accessorize any outfit with them.

restringing a pearl necklace

Restringing Pearls – Why And When Should You Arrange This?

Have you noticed that your string of pearls doesn’t seem to look as amazing as it once did?  Is it starting to look a little worn, stretched or dirty?  If so then now may be the time to arrange to get your string of pearls restrung!

There isn’t anything as sad as a string of pearls that require some attention.  What would be even worse is should the string snap you could end up losing some or all of your precious pearls. read more

hanadama pearls earrings

How To Wear Hanadama Pearls Whenever You Like

Like a stunning pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, we consider Hanadama pearls to be among the finest of all these gems that a woman can own.

This range of pearls was given their name by one Kokichi Mikimoto (Father of Cultured Pearls).  This is a term that has been used by him that helps better to describe them as being the finest of all the pearls you could want to buy and own.

coordinate a pearl bracelet

How To Coordinate A Pearl Bracelet With Your Wardrobe

At same stage, we all find it hard to choose which of your pearl jewelry to wear with a particular outfit.  Especially, as you may find that some colours are more difficult to coordinate with outfits than others.

The right kind of pearl jewelry including a pearl bracelet with help to bring an outfit together.  Not only will it make you look great but also feel great as well.  But if you select the wrong kind of pearl bracelet to go with your outfit it can make things look a little clumsy, unpolished and even unprofessional. read more

what does pearls say about you

What Does Wearing Pearls Say About You?

We never get a second chance when it comes to making the right kind of impression the first time.  How we dress and how we speak all help to define who we are.  The same also goes for the kind of jewelry that we choose to wear. What does wearing pearls say about us? Everything we do, say and how we dress combine to make a statement about who we are.

new pearl earrings

Top 7 New Pearl Earrings Designs & How To Wear Them

There are certain items of jewelry that all women should own.  Along with a pearl necklace, all women should have at least one pair of beautiful pearl earrings in their collection.

Any set of these earrings whether studs or dangle types will add another touch of femininity to any outfit that you choose to wear them with.   But with so many different styles of earrings to choose from today, how do you go about deciding what ones you should be wearing. read more

makeup and pearls

Creating The Right Makeup Look When Wearing Pearls

There are few pieces of jewelry that are as classy and timeless as pearls.  When you choose the right pearl jewelry you will definitely give any outfit a more elegant and refined look.  However, it is just important that you match your makeup to your outfit including the jewelry you choose to wear.

pearl hair clips

Pearl Hair Clips The Popular Hair Accessory Trend 2019

The wonderful thing about things that are back in trend is that they come back better and stronger.  This is something we can definitely say about pearl hair clips.  These along with other kinds of pearl hair accessories are proving very popular now.