Black Pearl Jewelry

Black pearl jewelry has a deep and powerful history. In ancient Asian cultures, the ruler or Emperor wore large black pearl jewelry as their official symbol of their legitimate rule. In essence wearing the right piece of black pearl jewelry made the wearer the divine Emperor.

In the paradise islands of French Polynesia, the native tribes believed that pearls in black pearl jewelry black pearls harnessed the magical colors of the rainbow after a storm. Black pearl jewelry was a symbol of renewal and hope for humanity.

Before history was recorded in Europe, healers called upon the magic of black pearl jewelry for extra help with their spells to cure the sick. Enchanters wore black pearl jewelry and amulets to bring good luck.
It was even believed that soothsayers could see the future by gazing into the waves of swirling colors in black pearl jewelry.

Today, there are many types of black pearl jewelry available. One of the largest types is Black Pearl JewelryTahitian black pearl jewelry. Pearls for Tahitian black pearl jewelry are cultured and found in the beautiful oceans near the Island of Tahiti. Mystique surrounding Tahitian black pearl jewelry traces back to English seafaring times. It is rumored that the famous incident involving mutiny on the Bounty was initiated by Tahitian black pearl jewelry.

The allure, enchantment and mystery of black pearl jewelry make them some of the most sought after jewelry in history. Today, you too can be part of that history and wear your own black pearl jewelry.

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