DIY: Alexander McQueen Inspiration Pearls with @iamdonatella

It’s that time again when we deliver you with the best of Do-It-Yourself guides that are done with pearls.

As a pearl lover, I thought that this was an amazing idea from the blog, Inspiration and Realization.

For those of you that are into abstract art garnished with pearls. Take a chance at this fun craft that is sure to gain a few admirers.

All you will need is:

– a tank top (I used an old Gap basic t-shirt)
– beads and pearls (4 different sizes)
– small piece of lace
– needle and thread read more

Celebrities Spotted in Pearls: Rihanna

The songstress and fashion icon Rihanna surely knows what it takes to be a trend setting fashionista and do it effortlessly. Rihanna attended the Inglorious Bastards Premiere looking stunning in a black, short sleeve, Alexander McQueen (2009 Collection) jumpsuit that she accented with lace gloves. She took her usual Mohawk and made it edgier by forming it into a Cacatua and added ruby red gloss lips.  But nothing and I mean nothing, stands out like the wealth of pearls that are draped all over her long lean neck. It looks as if she may have on more than twenty strands of the precious water miracles but who can tell. All we care about is how amazing she looks and how she is always the trendsetter making the red carpet oh so fashionable! read more