CLUTCHING OUR PEARLS (WORST FASHION or HIGH FASHION): Camilla Skovgaard 120mm Covered Open Toe Boots Wedges

“Clutching Our Pearls” is all about horrendous and outright ridiculous fashion and accessories! But sometimes it features fashion that is so amazing that we can only clutch our pearls in amazement. We are really shocked with today’s find and we look forward to hearing what you think.

Today’s feature that has us clutching our pearls is the Camilla Skovgaard 120mm Covered Open Toe Boots Wedges. read more

PEARL FASHION: Would you wear Chanel Pearl Boots by Uggs?

Boots are constantly getting renovations to keep up with the latest styles and trends, but what do you think of these Uggs pearl boots?

The sold out Chanel Pearl Fur Boots by Uggs ($138) are definitely unique but will they help you stay warm in the cold wintry weather? Should Uggs be a decorated wear or is this just a fashion fun for the youth? Would you wear?

If you love them, you’re in luck we found some at read more