ASK MS. ELITOU: What Is The Symbolism Of A Pearl Gift?

Pearls are very special because they are one-of-a-kind, they are natural, and they are the only stone that comes from a living species therefore the symbolism of a pearl given as a gift is very powerful.

Pearls are beautiful stones that are known for their elegance and grace so when giving a pearl as a gift to someone you love it shows that you acknowledge their maturity and lady ways.

When a person gives a pearl accessory to a loved one, they are showing traits associated with friendship, love, faithfulness, and loyalty which are powerful. read more

Buying Pearls for My Daughter

 “My daughter is turning 13 and I would like to get her a string of pearls. Is this a good idea? What should I get her?”

Thirteen is a great age for a young lady to receive pearls for her birthday. In a young ladies mind, a set of pearls from her father is a statement that he notices that she is growing into a young woman and that she is responsible enough to care for such a precious gift. She will love you much more for such a generous and meaningful gift. It will become the most cherished item in her jewelry box. read more