CELEBRITIES IN PEARLS: Lady Gaga in Pearls at 2009 MTV Video Music Awards After Party

Lady Gaga is known for her unique expression to fashion and music and this was another example of just that.

Lady Gaga showcases her unique style at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards after party in New York. At the event she could be seen wearing a sparkling dress accompanied with a large headpiece with two circles (seemingly embroidery circles) that were surrounded by lace fabric and pearls—lots of pearls! read more

PEARL FASHION: Natural Veggie Flower Hat with Pearl and Jewel Decor

This hat is complete art and we could not keep out eyes off of it! Although we could never see someone walking down the street in this hat, we do believe that this artistic expression will be an amazing conversation piece for home décor or at an art museum. 

We enjoy the décor of a yellow gold necklace with diamonds, sapphires, citrine garnets and quartzes. The hat also features a silver and golden stainless steel necklace with leather and Swarovski crystals, Alviero Martini Jewelry, and even a Rosary in rhodium-plated silver with pearls and blue sapphires. read more