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A Short Guide About Black Pearls: Facts & How To Wear Them

Black pearls have always represented a sensual touch of mystery, a way of expressing a lot through less, a timeless piece of natural and human art combined. You often wondered which are the best black pearls and how to pick the right ones. Well, if you want to find out what is so special about them and how to incorporate them into your outfit, make sure to read this post.

Tahitian Black Pearl Jewelry

In 1974, a pioneer and adventurer brought his spirit to pearl culturing in Tahiti. Three years later, he had his first harvest of beautiful Tahitian black pearls. As a result of his efforts, we now have some of the best Tahitian black pearl jewelry available today.

This pioneer culturer sought to culture perfect gems for Tahitian black pearl jewelry. He constantly seeks perfection in the gem for Tahitian black pearl jewelry. He also seeks perfect harmony with nature while culturing pearls for Tahitian pearl jewelry. This balance and endless pursuit of perfection. read more