PEARL FASHION: Amazing $50,000 Wedding Dress with Pearls by J’Aton!

Marriage season is vastly approaching and soon wedding bells will be heard country-wide! How exciting!

It is every young girl’s dream to have a picture perfect wedding, with her prince charming, an amazing venue, and most importantly a fairytale wedding dress.

In 2012, Australian actress and model, Jodi Gordon married Chris Judd, an Australian footballer, and she had a fairytale wedding with everything she could have ever wanted, including the perfect dress! This lucky lady had her wishes come true when she wore a fabulous couture gown by well-established designers J’Aton. read more

PEARL FASHION: Fancy Pearl Clutches

As you plan for your wedding, you will need something that will hold your necessities; nothing too big, but something that can carry your gifts of cash, gift cards, hotel key, unmentionables and makeup. Think about purchasing a clutch handbag that will complement your beautiful dress.

We always recommend having an elegant pearl clutch. There are many styles and colors of clutch bags with pearls so you may be overwhelmed, so here are a few things that you want to consider: read more

PEARL FASHION: Pearl Engagement Rings!

There is nothing more beautiful than a gift that comes from the heart; a gift that is honest, genuine, and has a delightful uniqueness. That is what you are looking for when you get an engagement ring… all the right qualities.

An engagement ring symbolizes a “promise to marry” and it is just as important as the actual wedding ring. The engagement ring is to be worn by the woman until the day of marriage therefore it has to be special. It has to fit her personality and her finger.

Pearls are natural beauties and they symbolize the perfect blend of sophistication, excellence, harmony and complete purity. What is even more beautiful is the pricing for these fashionable rings which falls far under the price of diamonds but that doesn’t mean that they do not have monetary and sentimental value. read more