What exactly is the Paleo Diet?

It’s strange to imagine, but the word “diet” has become synonymous with ill health and all manner of strange addictions and bizarre habits in modern years – not to mention the consumption of supplementary products that often, at the very best, make little difference to a well balanced whole food diet, and at the very worst actually cause physical harm to their consumers insides.

Imagine then if a diet existed that was actually based on not only what was proven to be good for us, but also on what is deemed to be a natural choice for the human body – luckily it does exist, and it is already being followed by tens of thousands of people world wide who are on a mission to not only increase the span of their mortality, but to enhance the quality of their time with it by attaining good health and an abundance of energy.


The Paleo diet (short for paleolithic) is based around very simple ancient principles stating that we are naturally adapted to eating a variety of non genetically modified organically growing fruits nuts and seeds, whilst also getting lean protein from seafood and naturally roaming livestock – this not only provides those adhering to the plan with an on going intake of vitamins and minerals in conjunction with a high fibre count, it also helps regulate the metabolism and burn fat at an accelerated rate. It can be viewed as an all-encompassing “fine tuning” process that provides the body with every component needed for overall functionality and optimum health performance. The compounds contained in the majority of the fruit consumed on the diet contain antioxidants proven to help counter serious diseases like cancer and other issues relating to dysfunction of the immune system. This elimination of free radicals even extends to hair and skin cell regeneration – if you imagine everything we are at risk of, or any external / internal conditions we all potentially face, then the components of this diet have a positive effect on countering them.


The higher protein count also leads to a rise in internal body temperature, and therefore enhanced fat burning ability – with the high fibre intake from naturally occurring fruit and vegetables meaning that food flows through the digestive tract safely and effectively which in turn keeps the body running in a smooth, healthy and efficient manner. If there weren’t already a plethora of benefits for Paleo dieters, then perhaps one of the most important assets of the plan is the fact that it includes a large fat intake. This instantly rings alarm bells with most dieters, but in actual fact, a balanced (in comparison to other macro nutrients) intake of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids vastly boosts immune function and also leads to healthy vision and brain function. Without ANY healthy fat, an individual severely diminishes the overall functionality of many of the every day tasks our body performs – we often take our vision, hair and mental function for granted, but when eating a healthier and more balanced diet, it’s amazing to see the increase in productivity within these areas and their overall performance.

The overall effectiveness of any diet, including the Paleo diet, is massively increased by one very simple inclusion – regardless of the diet plan, this one simple addition will boost its overall effectiveness by at least 50%. It has been seen by some as a miracle cure and a modern marvel, often getting overlooked in the hustle and bustle of modern living. If you haven’t guessed what it is, then let me enlighten you – the miracle cure I speak of is breakfast! Madness some would say, surely it makes more sense to only eat at midday when you finally start getting hungry? Well actually, no…

By waiting until mid day to eat, you are actually telling your metabolism to start burning fat at that time. That’s hour upon hour of precious fat burning wasted by overlooking what should now become a staple part of your daily routine. Having anything for breakfast is better than nothing, but a Paleo diet breakfast is a bit of an exception – being that the overall Paleo diet plan is so well balanced, the Paleo diet breakfast must also follow this pattern.

The reason for this balance of nutrients is not just for the broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals it contains, it is also for the digestion rate that this combination leads to. Simply put, due to a combined range of ingredients, the body has to access and unlock more components in the digestive system, therefore each meal digests at a slower rate and avoids spiking an individual’s insulin level, which can lead to fat gain. When crafting a Paleo diet breakfast, you are not only giving yourself a wide variety of the tools your body needs to function at peak performance, you are also ensuring you are doing your bit to avoid gaining excess body fat at the same time.

The Paleo diet AND breakfast every single day…could this be the answer to a new, healthier, slimmer and more energetic you? I urge you to find out for yourself.



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