Why Are Pearls Flat On One Side?

white flat pearls

As you are probably aware that pearls do come in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes.  But why is that some pearls are flat on one side only?  Also often referred to as coin or button pearls these are considered quite special in the pearl industry.

You will notice that unlike round pearls these ones are very unique, yet when expertly set in to any piece of jewelry they will look amazing.   Plus as these types of pearls are so abundant they are among the most affordable that you can buy today.

flat pearls bracelet

But Why Are Pearls Flat On One Side? 

It all comes down the type of bead or piece of mollusc that is inserted into the oyster in which they pearl is going to be cultivated.   What the pearl farmers do is they actually insert a nucleus into the oyster that is in fact flat on one side.   As a result of this is helps to guide the oyster into creating a pearl that is flat on one side.

Over time the oyster will secrete nacre to cover over the nucleus as it sees it as an irritant.  This in turn causes a pearl to form and one side of the pearl will be flat whilst the other of course will be round.

So as you can see in answer to the question can pearls be flat on one side, the answer is yes.

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