Freshwater Pearl Information

Freshwater PearlsFreshwater pearls are one of the hottest jewelry trends today. As popularity grows, freshwater pearl jewelry has become more available for discriminating jewelry collectors worldwide. Freshwater pearls are available in an assortment of jewelry today.

From a freshwater pearl necklace to matching freshwater pearl bracelets and freshwater pearl earrings , freshwater pearls are simply elegant for every occasion!

Freshwater pearls are pearls found in oysters and mussels in freshwater bodies such as lakes, rivers and ponds. Like most pearls today, most freshwater pearls available for purchase are cultured. Cultured freshwater pearls are genuine pearls produced when a mussel or oyster secrets natural nacre or mother of pearl over a small irritant within its shell. The irritant has to be inserted carefully by a skilled technician.

Cultured freshwater pearls have a slight advantage over their saltwater counterparts. The first advantage is the culturing process. The oyster or mussel does not need a implanted bead as the irritant. Freshwater pearls can be started with a small bit of tissue. As a result, the mother of pearl or nacre can be much thicker, making the pearl more lustrous.

Next, freshwater pearls tend to be available in a wider variety of shapes and colors as well. From white to pink and lavender to dark gray, freshwater pearls are a natural palette of beautiful colors.

As a result, freshwater pearl jewelry is very versatile. For a bit of fun, add a freshwater pearl necklace with matching freshwater pearl bracelets and freshwater pearl earrings to the comfy t-shirt, and sneakers. Add a touch or romance and feminine beauty with a set of lovely lavender freshwater pearl earrings . Or, stack a few freshwater pearl bracelets for that super-luxe look.

Of course, for that classic and elegant finish to any evening event, wear a white freshwater pearl necklace with matching white freshwater pearl bracelets and freshwater pearl earrings.

No matter how it is worn, freshwater pearls and freshwater pearl jewelry is perfect for every occasion.

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