PEARL DIY: Delicate Pearl Bow Hair Accessories by

We love sharing with you amazing pearl DIYs, and today we have for you a really cute one to add to your hair accessory collection. We discovered this cool DIY from Aki, blogger of, where she shows us how to make a really delicate pearl hair bow!

Aki gives you a simple way to create pearl bow adornments for your hair whether it be worn as a barrette/clip, or glued to a headband to create a pretty, elegant accessory.

The hair accessories can be made easily with very few steps. Here is a small list of supplies featured below:

  • Pearls or faux pearls – about 25-30 pieces
  • Wire – 10-12 inches of pliable wire
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Hair pin or Barrette base or Headband base
  • Hot Glue gun

Here is the full tutorial.

What do you think? Would you wear?

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