Natural Beauty remedies for your hair and skin

Are you a lover of all things natural? Do you love pearls from the ocean as jewelry and home grown or organic vegetables for dinner? There is a lot to be said for appreciating natures home grown produce, especially when it comes to your beauty routine.

When it comes to beauty remedies we love nothing more than earth’s most natural creations. It is all too easy to be swept off your feet by all the beautiful new products which have tempting packaging and celebrity all claiming to give you that beautiful sheen and glow. The funny thing is though, these products often try to enhance the fact they are made with ‘natural ingredients’ and contain essential ‘vitamins and minerals’ your skin needs. What they often fail to tell you is that these so called beauty products are actually loading your skin and pores with chemicals and parabens galore and the vitamins will be in very small abundances in very limited ingredients. Facial masks and moisturizers can contain heavy fragrances and coloring to make them appeal to your senses and shampoo contains harsh additives and ingredients which strip your hair of its natural moisture causing it to produce excess oil so it gets greasy quicker. read more

PEARL INSPIRATION: Pearl Wedding Cakes

Everything seems to be going as planned. You have your dream dress being altered to perfection. The venue is the one that you wanted and the location is perfect for everyone. You have a catered meal fit for royalty and now you need the perfect wedding cake to go with your classy wedding décor. You are looking for something modern, fancy, simple, and unique but how can you get all of this and more? read more