PEARL FASHION: 5 Reasons Why Every Women Needs Pearls

A Fashionista must constantly update her wardrobe and accessories in order to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends and styles. “Big bangles are in; costume jewelry is out;” but there is one thing that never changes in your collection and that is your pearls. Beautiful strands of pearls are a staple in a fashionistas jewelry box and they are important accessories that never go out of style. read more

PEARLS ON THE RUNWAY: Pearl Shoes on the Spring 2014 Oscar De La Renta Runway!

Oscar Da La Renta showed off his amazing 2014 Spring collection during New York Fashion Week. While his clothing was as uptown chic as you could imagine, with lots of black and white; floral made their appearance and were absolutely stunning in colors and textures, but nothing was more gorgeous than the “fairy godmother meets fashion rocker with style” look.

What caught the eye of a true Fashionista in this entire look… the shoes! They are absolutely spectacular with pearls weaved into the mesh giving us panache and class all rolled into one. read more

Pearl Fashion: Working Woman Chic!

Working Woman Chic by younghipchic featuring long sleeve sweaters Confidence is a key element to being a successful woman in business. A woman’s confidence is first seen in her appearance. When you are up for that promotion consider what is in your closet and what is in your jewelry box. A woman that looks professional wear colors like brown, blue and black. These colors come forward as serious and strong. That is what a lady needs to be in the concrete jungle. Tough yet oh so chic! Adding a little pearls to her wardrobe reminds her colleagues that although she is tough as a lion she is also a lady with class and beauty. What do you think a woman should wear when she is working? Share your thoughts.