PEARL BEAUTY: 3D Pearl Nails on Electric Blue

There is nothing more exciting than accessories that cause people to stare in awe. We felt that way with the nails from the Honor runway show for New York Fashion Week S/S 2015.

Manicurist Nonie Crème, the former founding creative director of Butter London, complimented the blue cat eyes created by Polly Osmond for, with the electric blue nails that were covered with little pearls.

The combination of the blue and white creates a super fun look that can easily be the next addition to the ever growing trend of pearls. read more

PEARL BEAUTY: Pearl Tattoos are Trending—do you love it?

Pearls seem to not only be a stylish trend for this Spring/Summer. We can find pearls on almost everything from shoes to hats and even handbags, but now the trend has gone beyond of favorite accessories… Some very interesting people seem to be placing pearls on their skin—permanently!

What do we mean?

Many people are actually tattooing the precious jewel on their skin for everyone to see. Surprisingly the tattoos are really amazing and quite beautiful. Don’t believe us? Check these out! read more

PEARL BEAUTY: Hello Glossy (@helloglossy) Creates Pearl and Tweed Nails with Inspiration from Flare Magazine

Everyone loves a great nail art job and we have found just that!

Natacha Medeiros, owner of blog, Hello Glossy created fabulous nail art with pearls! Natacha created the nails as a special request from Flare Magazine, who asked her to create a nail look using their May 2014 cover as inspiration.

“I recently got contacted by Flare (ahhhh!), one of my fav mags, to do some nails inspired by one of their recent covers, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity. I chose to emulate their most recent, May cover featuring Eva Mendes in some pretty pink tweed, silver accents and pearls with a beigy-peach backdrop. Can you tell I did just that? I hope my nails look like tweed. And I especially hope they evoke the cover! My mani will be on sometime soon (so exciting!), so I’ll defs link back once they’re up!” Natacha stated. read more

PEARL BEAUTY: Pearls with a Splash of Yellow!

Yellow is a gorgeous color that looks amazing in the Spring/Summer but yellow is no longer just for sundresses and sandals. Yellow is also the latest trend for eyes and nails.

So what makes yellow such an amazing color? According to Empower Yourself with Color Psychology, the amazing color is uplifting to spirits and helps create enthusiasm for life while it awakens great confidence and optimism.

We think the color looks absolutely amazing it looks great with pearls!  We have chosen the Double Strand Necklace and Bracelet from the Pearls Only collection because we believe that you can never have too many pearls especially when they complement the color yellow so well. read more

PEARL BEAUTY: A Pearl Facial May Be a Great Option for Oily Skin

Is your face always oily? Do you find yourself constantly having to pat and wipe your face of endless oily build up? Well, we think we may found the answer for you and it comes from a small friend in the sea—the clam.

It is not actually the clam that you are in need of. Instead, it is their special ability to create gorgeous pearls that has beauty enthusiasts in awe. You may think pearls are just a fashion accessory but the beautiful little balls have a lot of powerful use. read more