PEARL FASHION: 5 Unique Pearl Pendants

Many of us associate a pearl necklace with a simple strand of white freshwater pearls, but in modern times, you can now find some really gorgeous pearl pendants in different styles, colors, pearl qualities, and origins—how wonderful is that?

With unique and beautiful pearl pendants like the ones we included below, you can now give up the “old school” ideas that pearls are for a mature woman, and catch up to the latest trending pearls that are sleek and chic. Pearls can now be worn at any age and for almost any occasion. read more

Pearl Pendants Information

Pearl pendants add such a lovely sparkle and shimmer to every neckline for every occasion. A pearl pendant is a touch of demure and understated elegance. Beautiful pearl pendants can add a hint of radiance and feminine beauty to the office and boardroom. A pearl pendant worn with simple everyday jeans and sneakers will add a bit of fun and elegance.

Pearl pendants have a rich and deep history that date back to the classic and early history of mankind. In the Imperial courts of China, pearl pendants were awarded by Emperors for service or merit. If a soldier, noble, scholar performs a great deed; he is often given a pearl pendant as a token of the Emperor’s deep appreciation and regard. read more