10 Great Ways to Wear Pearls This Summer

10 Great Ways to Wear Pearls This Summer

We can barely contain our excitement for the upcoming summer months! The great days of summer are getting closer and during the spring is the perfect time to begin shedding bulky winter threads and replacing them with fun, breezy and incredibly chic clothing. When a new season comes, the annual renewal of trends (the old and once forgotten) begins.

What comes along with filling your closet with exciting new trends? Matching those trends with accessories that enhance your look from fabulous to overly sensational! At Pearls Only, we are ecstatic to find all of the many ways you can add pearls to your wardrobe. read more

Pearl of Wisdom: – Ms. Elitou

“Pearls make me feel so classy!” – Ms. Elitou, Curator for Pearls Only


This Fashionista was chosen as our “Fashionista of the Day in Pearls” because she shows us that you can make pearls work anywhere, including poolside!

YuniQue, style blogger of kawaiiyuni.blogspot.sg, looks great and making a splash while wearing her one side swimsuit by Frontrowshop, simple knitted hat by From Bangkok, shades by Charleskeith.Com and faux pearl earrings by H&M.

Pearls look so chic and simple with this magnificent colored bathing suit. Very classy! read more

FASHION: Pearl Mix & Match (Modcloth x Pearls Only)

Earth Day was celebrated on Monday, with lots of love for Mother Earth and all that she provides us.

We at Pearls Only, believe that Earth Day should be every day! We want to show our side eco-friendly style, so we are sharing a special edition of “Pearl Mix & Match” with eco-friendly clothing that is totally chic and pearls that match perfectly.

When most Fashionista’s think about environmentally safe clothing they think of boring clothing with little to no patterns, designs and style, but as we know fashion is always evolving and so is eco-safe clothing. read more

HAIR DIY: “Victory Rolls” A Pin-Up Hair Tutorial by Emily From The Freckled Fox

HAIR DIY: “Victory Rolls” A Pin-Up Hair Tutorial by Emily From The Freckled Fox *

Pearls and pin-up girls go hand-in-hand, so we were more than excited to share with you this hairstyle.

Emily, lifestyle blogger of The Freckled Fox, showcased an amazing hairstyle that was pin-up approved.

In her post, “Modern Pin-up Week: #2- Pin-up Victory Rolls”, she shared with us an awesome step-by-step tutorial full of pictures and detailed instructions on how to make the perfect “Victory Roll”. read more

BEAUTY TREND: The “White Eye” Trend Goes Great With Pearls

A great trend for the Spring/Summer is certainly the “White Eye” trend.

The “White Eye” trend is a makeup look that is making their way from the runway to the catwalk of the streets. This style consists of brightening your look with a white eyeliner and mascara.

The look is quite convenient because it doesn’t require a lot of work and extensive knowledge of makeup to look great. No extensive smudging, blending, and color combinations needed. read more

PEARL BEAUTY: Nailing Your Accessories with Rose “Doorbella” Miggins

When it comes to nails, they are the accessory that complements the accessories. Great nails can really make your look stand out and grab attention. Lately nails have become one of the most important accessories to have. Thousands of tutorials have surfaced on YouTube showing you how to create nail looks that range from simple and basic colors to 3D nails to graphics that pop.

We had the pleasure to catching up to Rose Miggins, owner of Doorbella, a concierge that caters to the nails of everyday women who are in need of a little TLC in the comfort of their own home. As a master nail technician, she has been in high demand as a nail artist to celebrities that include Patti LaBelle, Lauryn Hill and many more. read more

GREAT MOMENT IN PEARL HISTORY: Lucille Ball Wearing Pearls

We love to go back and find some of the most iconic woman of all time wearing pearls!

Today’s feature is a family favorite.

Everyone loved the witty and funny, Lucille Ball, from the landmark American television sitcom, “I Love Lucy” and no one could get over her neat hair, stylish clothing and her well accessorized looks.

In this promotion photo, Ms. Ball is wearing a lovely strand of pearls that we adore. They are greatly complementing her makeup and gorgeous up-do. read more